Dreaming about a closed one who becomes enemy in the dream

To see an enemy in a dream is a sign of the machinations of ill-wishers, obstacles in business and an internal struggle with oneself.

dream of enemy gyan ka sagar

Enemy is crying:

To dream about how your enemy is crying is interpreted by the dream book as an absolute and unconditional victory over the ill-wisher. In some cases, tears can be an indicator of a hated person's desire to put an end to senseless and drawn out hostility. The dream book advises to take a closer look at this vision, and do everything possible to stabilize burdening relationships.

Dreaming of enemies can imply that you need to release your emotions and possibly remove people who have shown negative influences towards you in life. The enemy can be represented in many different ways in a dream. From seeing yourself at war to making up or being friends with an enemy in waking life. Dreaming of an enemy signifies that you will take everything literally – maybe you need to defend your interests and values going forward. Keep in mind that you can feel worry or trauma after dreaming of a group of enemies. However, if you win and overcome an enemy, you will avoid a serious disaster in your real life.

Enemy asks for forgiveness:

It is useful to know the meaning of a dream in which the enemy asks for forgiveness. In reality, such a picture promises the end of a protracted burdening hostility or reconciliation with one's own "self". Perhaps there will come a time in the near future when a person will be able to accept himself as he is, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

According to Megnetty’s dream book, a dream about enemies means meeting one’s own opposite or confronting one’s own vices. Subconscious disagreement with oneself can affect the behavior of the dreamer in real life and interaction with others.

To dream of an enemy, according to the English dream book, promises the destruction of barriers that impede the achievement of desired goals and heights. Meeting the enemy face to face is interpreted as a favorable resolution of controversial issues, despite the intrigues of the "well-wishers".

The meaning of a lady-foe in a dream depends on who she is to a person in reality. For a man, a dream in which his beloved girl turned out to be an enemy indicates that in real life the chosen one will present the dreamer with a pleasant surprise. To see your wife as an enemy is interpreted by the dream book as attempts to reconcile with some of the lover's shortcomings, which cause a storm of indignation or negative emotions in a sleeping person.

For a girl, a woman enemy in a dream indicates the need to defend her own interests or restore a good name; otherwise you will not be protected from serious losses. If this person is not an enemy in reality, then, perhaps, she may soon become one.

A dream when a man sees an enemy in a female guise is interpreted by the dream book as an unfavorable stage in relations with family and friends.


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