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 What is the meaning of a self-death dream in Islam?

Most of what we know about dreams comes from the psychological researches and studies made by famous scientists like Sigmund Freud and others.

Self-death dream in Islam

In Holy Quran dreams had been mentioned for three Prophets in least ( Abraham Joseph & Mohammad) as well as the king ( perhaps another Pharaoh during Prophet Joseph’s time). The majority of Muslims would take dreams of their own to be worth interpreting ,I myself don’t go that far, it became a trade and a profession of superstition here in the Middle East to explain what this or that dream means. 

They even edited a whole book about this subject and attributed it to a famous Hadeeth scholar (Ibn Sireen) just to promote it. It seems that so many dreams relate to activity of sub-conscience of unresolved issues, ideas and misgivings that flashed for a while during the day and offered a pilot start for the brain to weave its imagination of scenes, acts, events and speech too, the result is what we call a dream or perhaps a nightmare if it roamed into dark sides of the soul . 

Even a late and heavy meal can trigger such restless dreams with cul-de-sac cases most of the times. This does not mean that there are no dreams of the other type called (Ru’ya) where our souls seem to be dwelling in dimensions and realms where future events are being made. I once had a dream pulling out one of my teeth, a mole, which came out quite easily with no pain, next day it was my grandfather dying, the same dream was there more than a year later and just the same, it was my grandmother dying this time. 

And because the Arabic name for (tooth) is (sin سِن) which resembles in pronunciation the counter word for (age سِن ) everybody would relate this to that quite easily and jump to the conclusion that both dreams were a sign of a pending death or end of an age(lifetime). To be frank, I could never object, the similarity was streaking.

Ru’ya, or clairvoyance while sleeping as I had experienced it quite often comes in the shape of a well-arranged scenario , as if a movie playing with a well-weaved script rather than jumping from one caption to another or having bizarre positions and relations( your friend might look as your own father, your house is a mansion or palace that you had never been to with quite different layouts or else), it also adheres to your memory, not that you soon forget all about it once you rise from bed. May be the creator is showing us how great He is, the great design and making of this fabulous brain.


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