4 Amazing Quick Tips for a Memorable Quickie

Many couples get excited just thinking about Quickie. But in reality it is not that easy to implement, especially many times women feel very uncomfortable during this. Here we are giving quick tips, which will make quick sex fun for you and memorable for your partner.

4 Amazing Quick Tips for a Memorable Quickie

Think something naughty! If you want to prepare yourself for quickie, then turn the direction of your thinking towards sex. When you think about sex, your body will gradually get ready for it. Thinking about your deepest fantasy in your head makes it easier to reach orgasm during quickies. Think about your favorite sex fantasy, see how quickly the mood builds up.

Solitude is important, both of you should choose a place for instant sex, where there are least people to disturb you. That is, there is less chance of you being caught or said by others. So choose a place where it will not be disturbed by children, neighbors or other family members.

Clothes should also be quick friendly
The whole concept of Quickie is to have sex in a short time. In such a situation, if you or your partner comes wearing layering clothes, then how much time will be wasted in removing them. So you have to choose the dress smartly for quickie. Choose clothes that can be removed quickly. Dress like skirt can be called quick friendly. 


Focus on oral satisfaction
If both of you do not have time to do all the rituals of sex. That is, if there is no time for foreplay, sex and after play, then both of you can take the path of oral sex. Instead of having actual sex, both of you should try to satisfy each other through oral sex. Oral sex is not only fun, but it can reach orgasm sooner than actual sex.   


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