5 new ways that will bring newness to the bedroom - Relationship Advice

The most effective spice to keep sex life tasty is novelty. The more you experiment, the more fun your sex life will become. If your sex life has come to a standstill for the last few days, then try to increase the temperature of the bedroom with the 5 methods mentioned here. We are sure that your sex life will be flourishing again. 


1. Try: Touch Therapy
'Frotash' is one way to arouse the opposite sex. This name is strange to hear and nothing can be understood. It sounds like a French word, but it is an English word. It means rubbing of two bodies. So try this method both of you to bring about a change in the temperature of the bedroom. 

You don't have to have sex, just rub your body against each other's body. When there is friction in both of your bodies, then the spark of sex will automatically burn and not only the bed, but the whole bedroom will be filled with warmth.  


2. Try: Start-Stop Technique
Another word like frotash is 'carreza'. Carreza means sex performed without trying to reach an orgasm. You can think of it like some kind of tantric sex. You both have to have sex, but you have to stop yourself before reaching orgasm. After some time have to start again. 

 Try it, it may sound strange, but this incomplete sex will give full pleasure to both of you. The next time you both have sex after Carreza, you will be having your best orgasm ever. 


3. Try: Nayansukh
The bond between couples who watch sexy movies together is stronger. When the skilled actors are showing their skills on the screen, then the temperature of your room is bound to rise. 

 Couples go through many emotions while watching sex movies together. Sometimes they are filled with shame and sometimes joy and excitement compel them to do something. 


4. Try: Exchanging Pleasure
Masturbation is the best and safest form of sex. Both of you must have satisfied yourself in this way alone at some point of time. It would be better not to try to satisfy each other in this way in bed. 

 You both stimulate each other by kissing and touching and then try to satisfy each other by masturbating instead of having penetrative sex. Doing this will fill new enthusiasm in your sex life. 


5. Try: Sex Toy
It has been revealed in several sex surveys that the use of sex toys has increased in metropolitan couples. Despite this, couples still avoid talking openly about their sex toys. If both of you use such toys, then include them during the actual sex.

Apart from both of you, when the sex toy will also make its place on the bed, it will create an atmosphere like a small three-some. A morally wrong three-something is a fantasy for most couples. So both of you can fulfill your fantasy through sex toys.     


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