5 Sex Education Lessons That Adults Should Teach - Relationship Advice

We all have read the reproduction chapter of the science book in the name of sex education in our school days. 

However, later on, the demand for providing proper sex education in schools keeps going on intermittently and is curbed citing socio-religious reasons and rituals. 

We are not talking about sex education in schools, we are going to talk about lack of sex in older people. 

Because there is no dearth of people who have grown in body, but their thinking about sex is childish. We advise such people to read five selected lessons of sex. 

Lesson 1: Hymen is not a guarantor of virginity  

Sorry it is not only among uneducated people, many well-educated people also consider hymen as a sign of virginity. 

In many countries and societies, there is a strong belief that whether a woman has had sex or not, it is confirmed only by the hymen. Although science has long denied the relationship between virginity and hymen, people's ignorance still persists. 

The hymen is a thin membrane covering the opening of the vagina. Apart from sex, there can be many other reasons for her bursting. Physical activities, use of tampons, horse riding and even gymnastics can damage the hymen. 

Lesson 2: Sex is not a symbol of your culture  

Talking about sex is said to be 

a bad thing in our society, in such a situation, having sex is considered against the rituals. People who are open about sex are often misunderstood. See sex is a medium of expression of love. When two people are deeply in love they also become physical, there is nothing wrong in that, if it is done according to their understanding and consent. 

If all people were bad by having sex, then all those people who have never had sex would be good and good. But it is not so.


Lesson 3: Homosexuality is perversion 

We are told from the beginning that sex happens only because of the attraction between opposite sex persons i.e. heterosexuals. But in today's time when medical science and law have also accepted that homosexuality is natural, then we should not insult homosexual people. We should keep our views open and recognize that physical attraction can happen to gay people too. Emotion is more important for sex than gender.  


Lesson 4: Sex isn't just about reproduction 

The common belief is that sex is an act done for procreation, that is, reproduction. It is true that sex is necessary for reproduction, but it is not true that sex should be done only for reproduction. 

Apart from reproduction, sex is also a means of expressing love and affection. It is also the need of the body and mind. 


Lesson 5: There is no fixed age to be ready for sex 

Often there is a debate on the age of the body ready for sex. If seen, this debate is completely meaningless. 

 For sex, it is very important for the body as well as the mind to be mature, so it is not possible that one age can be fixed, because even though we all have about the same age of maturity physically, but mentally There is no fixed age for maturity. 

Have sex only when you feel that you are ready, do not come under any pressure or pressure. 


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