Meaning of seeing insects in a dream - Dream Interpretation


  • Lizard - Seeing a lizard in a dream is considered very inauspicious. How the lizard is visible to you in your dream, its secret is hidden on this matter. If the lizard is sitting in one place, then it means that some accident or loss is going to happen. If a lizard is seen eating an insect, then there can be theft in or around the house. But if the lizard is seen running away in fear, then it can be a good sign. 
Meaning of seeing insects in a dream - Dream Interpretation
  • Bee - If an umbrella full of bees is seen in the dream, then it is auspicious, it will maintain unity in your family. If a bee is seen sitting on a flower, it means that you are going to suffer loss in your business. 
  • Bhaura - Its appearance in the dream is considered very inauspicious, its appearance means that someone is going to betray you, as well as you will have to face some painful journey.
  • Scorpion - The sight of a scorpion is both auspicious and inauspicious. Its fruit depends on the circumstance. If you see this in your dream, it means that a big responsibility is coming on you, which will increase your honor and respect. Along with this, you will also get success in work. If a scorpion is seen biting in the dream, then some kind of loss or damage is possible. Black scorpion is auspicious and white scorpion is inauspicious. 
  • Monkey - There may be a fight with family or friend, or there will be some kind of estrangement.
  • Firefly - Tough times are going to come in your life.
  • Locust - You will suffer loss in business.

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