Why do we dream, and how do we know the meaning of dreams?

 This question has two aspects to answer. One is science and other is Dream interpretation based on religion and super power almighty.

Let us talk about science first. As per science whatever we think most of the time or entire day, that comes in our dreams as they remains in our sub conscious mind. Then we see dream related to that matter. It's psychology of human mind. Sometime it also happens that for a moment we talk about anything and it comes in dreams. Primarily your daily activity is responsible for your dreams. When you sleeps very good then you see dreams.

Why do we dream, and how do we know the meaning of dreams

So there is nothing hidden behind the meaning of dream as per science. It is just as replay of daily activity in your sleep as your minds remains active during sleep.

Now we talk about religion and spirituality reasons behind your dreams. As per Bible, all dreams are indication from Almighty Jesus, about our day to day Sins or good works.

When you do any bad thing in your life, somewhere in your mind it stays that, Jesus is watching you every time. You also know that you are not doing good things and you would need to pay for it in your lifetime. Jesus is watching us and this thinking gives you the dream when we sleep. So we can say Jesus is giving us some sort of warning.

When we see dream of something which represents positivity, it means Jesus wants to say that your happy days are near ans keep doing good to others. 

So different types of dreams are related to real life and they are interpreted as per real life situations going in our life.

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