Meaning of seeing an insect in a dream

Meaning of seeing an insect in a dream (Dream meaning when see insects) – 

Meaning of seeing an insect in a dream


  • Lizard - Seeing a lizard in a dream is considered very inauspicious. The secret of the lizard is hidden in how you see it in your dream. If the lizard is sitting at one place, it means some accident or loss is going to happen. If a lizard is seen eating an insect, there may be theft in or around the house. But if lizards are seen running away in fear, then it can be an auspicious sign. 
  • Bee – If you see an umbrella full of bees in your dream, it is auspicious, it will maintain unity in your family. If a bee is seen sitting on a flower, it means that you are going to suffer loss in your business. 
  • Bumble Bee– It is considered very inauspicious to see it in the dream, it means that someone is going to deceive you, as well as you will have to face some painful journey. 
  • Scorpion - Seeing a scorpion is both auspicious and inauspicious. Its result depends on the situation. If you see this in your dream, it means that a big responsibility is going to fall on you, due to which your honor and respect will increase. Along with this, you will also get success in your works. If a scorpion is seen biting in the dream, then some kind of loss or damage is possible. Black scorpion is auspicious and white scorpion is inauspicious. 

  • Firefly – Difficult times are going to come in your life. 
  • Locust - You will suffer loss in business.
  • Meaning of seeing an insect in a dream biblical

  • Spider
    • White spider = healing, hope, energy.
    • Jet black spider = dishonesty, terror, disappointment.
    • Red spider = guard, happy, passion.
    • Green spider = Calm, sadness, time to recover.
    • Blue spider = moving on, engagement, content.
    • Yellow spider = Happy, random events, strangeness.
    • Striped spider = things are not what they seem.
    • Hairy spider = look under the surface for the result.
    • Spider tickling you = life is too short, so do what makes you happy.
    • Large spider = Things seem bigger than what they are, so look inside to discover your own feelings.
    • Spots on the spider = stressful times will pass.



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