Dream of ex husband

Dreaming of an ex-husband can be a sign that you are still processing the end of your relationship. It could mean that you are longing for the connection and comfort that was once shared between the two of you, or it could simply be a reminder to yourself about how far you have come since then. Regardless, dreaming about your former spouse is not uncommon and can provide insight into what unresolved emotions may still exist within yourself.

May be an unresolved issue

If in your dream, there is conflict between both parties it may signify unresolved issues from when the marriage ended or even current problems in other aspects of life such as work or family relationships. On a deeper level, this type of dream might represent inner turmoil related to feeling guilty for ending things with someone who was once so important in our lives; we may feel like we let them down by choosing to move on without them in our lives anymore. 

Understanding and Peace

On the other hand if there is peace and understanding present during these dreams then this could indicate acceptance has been reached regarding why things didn't work out between us both - allowing us to look back fondly at all those good times which were shared together before parting ways eventually became necessary due its own reasons.. This kinder interpretation suggests healing has taken place within ourselves after dealing with any hurtful feelings associated with loss which often accompany divorces/breakups etcetera - thus enabling closure finally being achieved too!  


In conclusion, while dreaming about an ex-partner isn’t always easy – they do serve as reminders that although some relationships don’t last forever (for whatever reason) memories from past experiences should never be forgotten either!


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