What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Spider Hanging?

Dreams featuring spiders hanging near you can have a range of interpretations, from feeling uncertain to being empowered. This article explores what your spider hanging dream could mean and how to take action on the message it might bring.

Analyze Your Feelings in the Dream.

To get to the root of what this dream may be telling you, it’s important to first analyze your feelings in the dream. Did you feel scared, empowered or uncertain when you saw the spider hanging near you? Pay close attention to how you were feeling and consider if this feeling could describe something that is currently happening in your life. Then think about how this feeling relates to the spider hanging near you.

Consider the Location of the Spider.

Where the spider was hanging can also be significant in interpreting your dream. Take into account where the spider was located when you saw it. Was it in an enclosed space or a wide-open area? If it was in a room, take note of what kind of room it is. All of these characteristics can provide further insight into the meaning behind your dream and could help reveal more about what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Consider the Size and Color of the Spider.

Consider the size and color of the spider in your dream. Was it a large or small spider? Black, brown, or another color? Generally speaking, larger spiders could symbolize more personal conflicts while smaller spiders could indicate petty struggles that are relatively easy to manage. On the other hand, traditionally black is associated with something bad such as fear or danger. The color of the spider can reveal what kind of emotion you’re feeling about the current situation in your life.

Interpret Spiritual Significance Responsibly.

It’s important to think about the spiritual relevance of your dream in a responsible, practical way. While it’s possible that your unconscious mind is attempting to send you a spiritual sign or message through the dream, try to make sure your interpretations are anchored in genuine understanding. Take time to ask yourself questions such as if the spider reminded you of anything from the past or current life events and look for patterns that could shed light on why this symbol showed up in your dream.

Look at How You Interacted With the Spider In Your Dream.

Take the extra time to think about how the spider in your dream interacted with you. Was the spider passive, or was it aggressive? Can you remember any details about how it moved around or appeared in your dreamscape? Was it big, small, or somewhere in between? Asking yourself questions like these can help identify if your subconscious is attempting to use symbolic imagery as an aid in uncovering deeper personal issues.

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