Surya Grahan 2021: This solar eclipse Know what to do

Surya Grahan June 2020 Date and Time Sunday, coincidence of amavasya and solar eclipse. Three Yoga together will be seen one day. With this, the doors of temples will be closed today. Tonight, the Sutak period will start from 10 to 14 minutes. 

Surya Grahan 21 June 2020

Vikram Samvat 2077 Shake 1942, Ashadh Krishna Amavasya, on Sunday, June 21, 2020, Khandgrass will be solar eclipse. This eclipse will be with Chudamani Yoga. It will be seen in 

India across the country. Apart from India, this eclipse will be visible in Africa, South-East Europe, Middle East countries, Asia, Indonesia. The thread of this solar eclipse will start 12 hours before. This eclipse will be on Mrigashira and Ardra constellation, Gemini. 

In the universal scenario it will start at 09:16 in the day and salvation will be at 15:04 but the time of eclipse varies from place to place. 

On Sunday, June 21, the eclipse will last from 10:35 pm in the day to 14:10:30 in the day. It is the time of Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand and its adjoining area. 

Its thread will start from 10:20 pm on Saturday, 20 June. Its mass will be 95.2%. Due to this eclipse, there will be a bleak state on earth. This eclipse will be harmful for the world.

This eclipse will be beneficial for those with low zodiac sign
Aries, Leo, Pisces and to some extent Scorpio 
Will be harmful for low zodiac
Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius 
It is forbidden to do it during sutak and eclipse period

In the Sutak and Eclipse period, touching the idol, eating unnecessary food, sleeping, oil and oil are prohibited. False-fraud, etc., should be avoided with excessive alarms, nail biting etc. There is no fault in taking food, medicines etc. as per the requirements of the elderly, patients, children and pregnant women.
Special attention is to be given to pregnant women
Pregnant women should avoid provocative activities like cutting vegetables, sleeping, papad, etc. during the eclipse period and be happy while reciting religious texts. By this, future children are healthy and virtuous. Pregnant women should apply a thin paste of cow dung on the stomach and if possible read Sundarkand.
Must do this work during eclipse time
Important things
  • Never look at the eclipse-prone sun image with naked eyes.
  • One can see this through the welded black glass.
Start and end times of solar eclipse in different cities of India 
  1. Delhi 10:20. 13:48
  2. Varanasi 10:31 14:04
  3. Chennai 10:22 13:41
  4. Gone 10:36 14:09       
  5. Mumbai 10:01 13:28
  6. Lucknow 10:27 13:59
  7. Patna 10:37 14:09
  8. Amritsar 10:19 13:42
  9. Jalandhar 10:20 13:44
  10. Haridwar 10:24 13:51
  11. Ranchi 10:37 14:10
  12. Prayag 10:28 14:01
  13. Jigsaw 10:34 14:07
  14. Kolkata 10:46 14:17
  15. Gorakhpur 10:32 14:05
  16. Surat 10:03 13:31
  17. Ayodhya 10:29 14:01
  18. Haridwar 10:23 13:50
  19. Azamgarh 10:31 14:04
  20. Ballia 10:35 14:06
  21. Bangalore 10:12 13:31
  22. Dibrugarh 11:07 14:30

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