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Carnations Dream Symbol – Carnation flower's color tells us about it features. If you see dream of white Carnation. Then it means you are going to loose someone. White Carnation is used in Funeral. It shows your fear of loosing someone very close to your heart. As its color describe peace. A new beginning is waiting for you, your life is going to be changed completely in some of upcoming days. It has effect on your job, career, relationship, health. All they are dependent on your peace of mind.   
A red carnation dream indicates you have a loyal friend. We know red carnation flowers are used as fillers in bouquet . Seeing a Red Carnation flower signifies that you have many loyal friends in your life and you will not be alone any time. 
Meaning of Dream of White Carnation

Let us check other forms of Carnation flowers dream and their meaning when you see them in your dream.
1. A bouquet of carnations in a dream can represent there will be a surprise in your personal life. Also you are going to meet many loyal people in your life because of your job change and you will meet new people over there.
2. Seeing a single flower in a dream can mean you may change your life completely. Also single flower means, may be you were alone for so long and wanted someone to be in your life,you always were searching for the best person of your life.This hunt will end and you will get that best person of your life very soon.
3. A wilted carnation in a dream symbolizes a longtime friendship may be over. Seeing someone give carnations indicates there are people around that wish you harm. Giving a single flower is a symbol of friendship and, possible, love. May be some people wanted to betray you because of your success, jealousy etc.
4. Giving pink carnations in a dream is a sign of your gratitude. It can also mean you will always be remembered with goodwill. Pink is always fresh and good. If you are doing goodwill means you are now loading off your burden, guilt from your life.It will give you mental peace.
5. Yellow carnations in a dream can mean disappointment in someone or something close to your heart. Red ones bring deep love and passion. While white carnations symbolize purity and purple flowers bring whimsy to your life. Striped flowers can mean you have regrets or face rejection.
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  1. I liked the way it has been related to real life

  2. So i had a dream that I crushed a carnation with my hands. I think my right hand. I dont remember the color but i think it was orange or red and it was already dried up. Today I found a singular dried up red carnation on my bedroom floor after a shower. I only have yellow carnations in my room. what does this mean?