A to Z christian dream interpretation

Hello I am here to interpret meanings of christian dreams. Its not about Christian dreams but specifically Christian Dream Symbol. I will explain about 125 dreams and their meanings part by part. So let us get started now with some of the Christian Dream Symbols.


Christian Dream Symbols
Christian Dream Symbols

Spiritual meaning of loosing hairs

This dream symbol have different meanings for man and woman. For woman hairs are symbol of glory of her beauty. If its a dream and the moment you saw loosing your hair, it means you are going to face issues in your marital life. In biblical point it means your glory and pride are going to be removed from your marital life. It shows your power is being removed by someone very familiar.

Now we will talk about the meaning when a man has seen dream of loosing hairs. Whenever a man see hair cut or hair loose in dream means he is going to loose his power to woman through some betrayal, physical intimate relations through evil foundations. Your power can save your destiny if you will go in a spiritual war with witchcraft. You can ask holy spirit to recover your glory whatever has been stolen. Pray and fast for 3 days. [ 6am to 3pm with Psalm 35, Psalm 18, Psalm 23 ]. The moment you start these prayers, this constant demonic attack against the glory of your hair should stop.

Meaning of Dream about Stagnant Water

Stagnant water symbolizes about everything has stopped in your life. Like stagnant water your life is not going anywhere. Everyday is same. Everyday you are doing the same shit. Its like everything gonna be stand still in your marriage life, career, business, passion everything. Its time to pray to God. Ask the God to take out you from this static bondage.  Pray and fast for 3 days. [ 6am to 3pm ]

I will continue with meanings of Christian Dream Symbols in next articles. I will post link of next articles.

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