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I am listing down some of the smartphone app related to dream interpreter. Read about these apps and then decide which is best according to your need. 😃😃😃😃

Top 5 Dream interpretation app 2020
Dream interpretation app 2020

iDream - Dream Interpreter App

Features include:-

• Browse the dreams in an alphabetically ordered list or use the user-friendly search function.
• Each meaning contains hyperlinks to other meanings making decoding your dream easy!
• Free dream diary for you to save your dreams for later analysis.
• A dream journal that automatically finds relevant terms and highlights them with dream meaning links. Quickly find the true meaning of your dream in seconds.
• Share the dream journal and meaning entries through Mail, SMS and Facebook.
• Password protection on your dream journal.
• Universal app compatible with both iPads and iPhones

Dream interpretation - Android google play

Dream interpretation is a not uncontroversial topic. The dream interpretation or one irology tries to interpret the feelings, images and actions experienced in the dream. Since there is no agreement on the function of the dream in scientific dream research, the interpretation and meaning of dream content is controversial.
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Features include:-
- gender and age
- the life situation
- Experiences, feelings and thoughts of the previous day
- feelings and thoughts in the dream
- feelings and thoughts after waking up

Without taking personal circumstances into account, dream interpretation is very difficult and superficial. The same is true of the meaning of tram symbols. The over 9000 dream symbols described in this lexicon can therefore only be interpreted generally. Some interpretations will fit relatively well on one dream, others rather less. This should be taken into account in the dream interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation - Android google play

3400+ Islamic Dream Interpretations by Muhammad Ibn Sirin

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The most notable of the books attributed to him is Dreams and Interpretations. Ibn Al-Nadim says that he was the author of Taabirul Ro'oya (What Dreams Express), which is different from or an abridged version of Muntakhabul Kalam Fi Tafsir El Ahlam (A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams) first printed in Bulaq, Egypt, in 1284 AH, in Lucknow in AD 1874 and in Bombay in 1296 AH.

Muhammad Ibn Sirin he was known for correctly interpreting dreams.

Biblical dreams- Android google play

Christian Dream Interpretation and Holy Bible

Christian Dream Symbols. More than 1600 dreams and thier Biblical interpretation
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The symbols in the Bible and the examples of dreams will help us interpret our dreams. Sometimes Christian Dream Interpretation is as simple as replacing a biblical symbol with the symbol in our own dreams. A good dream symbol dictionary will certainly help you in interpreting your dreams. In this app almost each dream definition has reference to the Bible.

You can add dreams to favorites, copy the text and any part of it, share via Facebook, SMS and etc, increase/decrease font size.

Dream meanings- Android google play

Dreaming is the human connection to the universe. Whilst a dream's content may be in response to external factors, it's influenced by none, and therefore is THE true reality.

Main Features:

- Nice Design
- Intuitive Controls
- Browse all dreams with their meanings and interpretations
- Search your desired dream
- Add to favorite & bookmark feature
- View your browse and search history
- More than 10,000 dreams and their meanings
- Totally offline dreams dictionary book

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