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The complete final destruction of the world. Means you dream sometimes about complete destruction of the world. Apocalypse dream is an indication of positive changes coming in your life. Its not a normal dream which you have seen. Its very special event for your life. As we always say, whatever you dream, just opposite of that happens in life. Different people can see apocalypse dream of different type. Because we all have seen in sci-fi movies, the complete destruction of world, the apocalypse can be done by aliens, fire, nuclear war, flood, Tsunami, earthquake etc. So I am going to talk about these types of dreams and their interpretation.

Apocalypse Dream Interpretation
Apocalypse Dream Interpretation


Whenever you see such type of dreams, it means your life has already started changing in a positive way or it will be changing very soon. You are going to be free of diseases if you have one. You are going to be rich if you were thinking of that always. Likewise you can get success as you would have thought sometime, someday. But at the same time, if you are facing some problem in life and you are very stressed, then that can come in your mind in form of dream. Then it is not the case which is going to give you any sort of benefit.


If answer is yes then you need to be worried about your mental health. As you are facing stressful events so they are coming in your dream. Its not natural. So try to release stress by doing some Pranayama, Yoga. It will benefit you in long term.

Dream About Alien Apocalypse - Dream Interpretation and meaning

Aliens represents the outer force, outer world. We always have thought of aliens invasion in books, movies. But if you are seeing it in dreams then alien apocalypse dream interpret as change in your work, may be you will be replaced by someone at workplace. May be your supervisor is going to be changed. Whenever any outer force is going to overpower you or going to control you, then you will see dream about Alien Apocalypse.

Dream About Zombie Apocalypse - Dream Interpretation and meaning

To see or dream that you are a zombie suggests that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. You are feeling out of touch. Alternatively, a zombie means that you are feeling dead inside. You are just going through the motions of daily living.

To dream that you are attacked by zombies indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by forces beyond your control. You are under tremendous stress in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream represents your fears of being helpless and overpowered.

Dream About Fire Apocalypse - Dream Interpretation and meaning

Depending on the context of your dream, to see fire in your dream can symbolize destruction, passion, desire, illumination, purification, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. If you are not afraid of the fire and it is under control or contained in one area, then it is a symbol of your own internal fire and inner transformation. Something old is passing and something new is entering into your life. Your thoughts and views are changing. If the fire is encircling you and someone else, then it signifies your bond to that person. The two of you share something significant. The dream may be a metaphor for someone who is "fiery". It can also represent your drive, motivation, and creative energy. Alternatively, the dream may be warning you of some dangerous or risky activities. You are "playing with fire".

To dream that you are being burned by fire indicates that your temper is getting out of control. Some issue or situation is burning you up inside. To dream that you can bend fire refers to your ability to control your anger. Dreaming of an invisible fire highlights a period of cleansing and purification. It is time to make a new start. Alternatively, an invisible fire means that you are underestimating your risks in some endeavor or activity.

To dream that a house is on fire indicates that you need to undergo some transformation. If you have recurring dreams of your family house on fire, then it suggests that you are still not ready for the change or that you are fighting against the change. Alternatively, it highlights passion and the love of those around you.

To dream that you can start fire with your hands represents anger that you are trying to repress. You have difficulty expressing yourself and tend to overreact. To dream that you put out a fire signifies that you will overcome your obstacles in your life through much work and effort. If you are setting a fire to something or even to yourself, then it indicates that you are undergoing some great distress. You are at the brink of desperation and want to destroy something or some aspect of yourself.

Dreaming about fire and water together symbolizes a polarizing issue in your waking life. You are going through an emotional conflict and it is pulling you in two directions.


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