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Welcome to the Gyan Ka Sagar, Dream Interpretation. We will discuss about different point of views on 'Meaning of Burnt Wood Seen in Dream'.  Burning means destroying the object forever. Burning means producing heat and light. Sometime burning is good and sometime it is very bad indication. Let us talk about each meaning as per different view.

dream of burnt wood

1. Hinduism View

In Hindu religion, there are many beliefs about burning a wood. They burn people with wood after their death, they burn wood when they do worship, they burn wood to get heat during winter, to cook food also. Wood is very essential part of Hindu religion. 

Meaning of seeing burnt wood in a funeral

When you see burnt wood in a dream means, there was something which is no more now. That is vanished from this world. So your life is your world and your problems were those burnt woods which you have seen in your dream. Your problems are no more and now you will leave a very happy life.

Meaning of seeing burnt wood in a worship

When you see a dream about burnt wood in a worship, it means you have some problems in your life and you wanted to get rid of them so desperately. You are trying different ways to get rid of that and many times we do worship God to get rid of problems. This dream is the indication about the problems.

Burnt wood is a symbol of hope and positivity

In Hindi religion, people burn wood on Holika Dehan. This is a festival of burning evil on the eve of famous festival Holi. Burning wood symbolizes, we have burnt our problem in the holy fire. So seeing burnt wood in dream is auspicious indication that you will leave happy life in near future.

2. Islamic View

Firewood is very good indication to see in dream. It says about your strength and energy. It indicates that you are going to face your all problems with greater courage and energy now.

Dream of fire is often a good dream meaning emotional excitement, passion and power. In this case, the stronger the burning fire, the luckier dream is. Also it is an implication of your emotions, so furious burning means you are powerfully expressing your emotion without any stress.

3. Biblical View

Wood is very useful in human beings life. Specially when you live in the cold region of the world. Wood can fulfill your heat needs, cooking needs and also sometime you can use wood as weapon for hunting. 

So when you see a burnt wood in your dream, it simply indicates that Jesus is giving some sort of warning that your comfortable life is going to be miserable very soon. If you are doing something wrong all these years, then now this is the time to pay off. Your resources are depleting soon and you will be in big trouble. Go and confess your bad deeds to Jesus. Jesus will show you the path of success and divine. 

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