Christian Interpretations of Dreams About Hair Loss

Did you dream of hair falling or going bald? Do you see dream of hair falling or going bald regularly? Its a common dream people see during sleep, you are not alone in this world my dear. We have several ways to interpret dreams, sometime we interpret dreams according to religion, sometime according to science. Sometime it depends upon all things going around you, means your current circumstance. Many people are afraid of aging and they do not want to be bald or look old. This fear remains in mind every time and it come as dream in your sleep.

Dreams About Hair and Hair Loss in Dreams

THE Spritual meaning

Dreams have spiritual meaning. We have multiple religions in world and every religion has different belief on dreams and its interpretation. I will talk about Islamic, Biblical and Hinduism meaning of hair and hair falling dreams.

Islamic Meaning: All Mighty Allah always warns you when you are deviating from your path in your life and it comes through different dreams. Losing hair means you are committing sins regularly and losing all the Sababs which you have received because of your good work so far. Losing hair is the indication that you are losing your control from your life and it will vanish your identity someday. Allah warns you, not to commit any sin and follow the path of peace and harmony. Start doing Ibaadat now if you have seen such dream.


Biblical Meaning: Jesus always says, do good and get good. Fear of growing old and fear of loosing beauty of body always make people worried. This  worry can lead to you different paths of life. When you overthink of growing older you see such dreams. May be in real life you are suffering from hair loss problems and this issue is giving you lots of inferiority complex. Then you will see such dreams. God has made you, you should explore this life, worrying about such small issue is not expected by God. You need to move in your desired path instead of worrying for something which is a natural process.


Hinduism Meaning: In Hindu religion, during death of a person, people use to shave their head. It’s not auspicious if you are seeing yourself bald. If you are seeing losing your hair in dreams, means you are getting read of tangled problems from long time. Say a thanks to al mighty and move ahead in your life. Don’t worry so much, God is there to take care of yourself. 


If you’re not a spiritual and you have been dreaming about going bald, losing your hair in clumps, your hair falling out all of a sudden, or being bald there are lots of different things that your dreams can mean. Some are related to emotions, other are related to your body and mind trying to give you a signal and some might be warnings. Here are some of the different things that dreaming of hair loss can mean according to dream analysis experts:


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Dream of losing your hair can be interpret as your fear of growing old. This is the most common fear in today's materialistic life. Human being have this nature of looking handsome and beautiful. If someone is growing older, they will loose hairs. You can hide whitening of hair or wrinkles but you can't hide hair lose. Once you get hair loss, this process continues throughout the life. You work very hard and do every remedy to stop hair fall but nothing works. In worry you see hair falling dreams. You see yourself bald in your dream. If you think about one thing every time, then you will see them in your dreams also. This is very common in any case. 


When you have hair on your head, you look younger. You look more attractive. Whether it is man or woman, both looks attractive if they have good, thick hair. As you grow older, you start losing your hair and your charm. I have seen couples having lots of love when they get married. But after some time, they start losing attraction for each other. This has caused many broken relationship, extra-marital affairs. You start generating fear of losing your sexual appeal and start dreaming about your hair.

When you look less attractive, you start generating inferior complexities. You start thinking about your hair and its problems. This gives you lots of anxiety and again this anxiety causes hair fall. Then it becomes your part of daily life and you start dreaming hair falling. You start seeing yourself as bald person. 



Losing hair can cause you low self esteem. Person who looks good is admired by everyone in society. But if a person is losing its hair, he/she may feel themselves ugly. Bald patches make people ugly. They start comparing themselves with someone and it cause lower self esteem in your life. Low self esteem causes lots of worry, you will always hide yourself from going out in public, someone may insult you. When you think about it all day long, you will see yourself ugly in your dream with falling hair and growing bald.

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Indication of a TRANSFORMATION

There are positive aspects of hair loss dream. Lately you were facing lots of troubles, problems in your life and suddenly one day you saw a dream of falling hair in your sleep. It means, time is near when you will get rid of your problems. Your hairs symbolize your problems. If you have complicated problems, you will see tangled hairs and they are falling. It means all your problems will go. You will be out of trouble very soon. So dream about hair and hair loss is positive sometime, if you are on good path and you are not causing any harm to anyone. God will reward you soon. 


Sometime it is interpreted as losing of control and power in your life. When you get hair loss problem, you do many treatment, remedies but nothing works. You start feeling helpless and you feel, you do not have control over your life, you are not able to mold your life as per your desire. You are unable to control hair loss problems. If you dream about hair or hair loss means your are about to loose control over something. You will get into some situation where you will feel helpless.


Increasing STRESS

Stress is a primary cause of many health-related issues. Hair fall is one among them. Science says, whatever you think entire day, you see that in your dream. If you have dream about hair or hair loss, it means for the entire day, you were thinking about your hair loss problem. It shows how obsessed you are with your hair loss problem. If stress is the primary reason for your hair loss, means if you are getting worried of your problem then you are increasing your stress level. If you increase stress, your hair fall problem also increases and you get more worries. It’s a cycle. If you think entire day about your hair loss problem, if you are afraid of getting bald one day, then you will have dream about hair or hair loss in your sleep. According to doctors, if you have such dream, you should stop thinking about it and engage yourself in some other activity which makes you happier.



When you are about to witness a change in your life. Such as you are getting married, switching a job or about to get lots of money which will change your life eventually. You will see dream about hair and hair loss in your sleep. I have seen many people had dream about hair and hair loss and next morning, they got a big success in terms of money, promotion in job or some other good news. It can change your life.


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