Top 3 Meaning of Seeing a large number of snakes in dream

Seeing a large number of snakes in a dream always indicates that whatever is coming in your way will come in bulk. Your problem will come in lot. Your happiness will be coming in bulk. So it will depend whether you are going to get happiness or trouble. Dream can be analysed in different way as per your current circumstances. So let us check different criteria of seeing a large number of snakes in dream.

What does it mean in Hindu religion when you see snakes in large number

According to Hindu beliefs, Hindu use to worship snakes, whether its 'Nag Panchami', or 'Snake Goddess Maa Mansa', Hindu community use to worship snakes in different-different way. So when you see large number of snake in dream, god is indicating that you owe a Puja. May be you had some wish, but after God fulfilled your wish, you did not offer Puja to the God. So you will continue to see snakes in dream if you are not completing your pending offerings.
Seeing a large number of snakes in dream
Seeing a large number of snakes in dream

Seeing snake in dream is good or bad

Seeing a snake can be good or bad, it will depend on your circumstances. If you are going through some problem then may be you will see troubles in future. If you are going through good phase of life, you may see lots of happiness in your near future.

Dream of 2 snakes intertwined

Snakes intertwined when they mate, its a usual process by which snake's offspring will come in the world. It show a beginning of something new. If we talk about its Biblical meaning then Jesus says us its a indication something new to be happen in your life. You are going to meet new people in your life. If we talk about Islamic meaning of seeing snake, then Almighty Allah, says us that now you will be receiving 'Shohrat and Shabab' for your good work. Allah is merciful and he will help you and reward you for your good work for mankind.
If we talk about Hinduism meaning then, its very auspicious when you see 2 snakes intertwined. If you were worried about not having any child, then its a indication from God that you will soon have your own child.  

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