Top 7 Meaning of Seeing a Dead Snake in a Dream

Snake can symbolize number of things in our life. So seeing a dead snake in dream also have multiple meaning according to your current life situation, your attitude, your religion, your beliefs. Dead snake can symbolize end of your bad times or end of enemies in your life. 
One of its most common attributes is the Master of the Mystery of Rebirth. The snake can shed its skin, and thus, renew itself. So, snake symbolism can represent our own capacity to renew ourselves. This can be something simple, like a job change. Or, it can be some kind of radical transformation in our lives - something that changes our whole personality.

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What are dreams and what is the meaning of those dreams ? Everyone become really curious when they see some dream. Specially if we see same dream again and again, that make us more worried. Once upon a time I also used to see dream of a snake coming from window and slipping inside my blanket. 
I suddenly woke up from sleep and checks if snake is there in real. Sometime it made my wife scared too. So, I will explain you the meaning of seeing a dead snake in dream in various cases.
Seeing a dead snake in a dream

Seeing Dead Snake in Dream

When we see a dead snake in dream, it means your enemy has been dead now. You will have no obstacle on your way. Dead snake in dream can have negative meaning also. Snake releases skins and gets new skin. So something new happens at regular interval. When Snake dies, that means nothing new will happen in life. Your life is stuck at that stage now.

Dead Snake in Dream Hindu Meaning

Hindu beliefs see snake as a God. So it can be like now god is no more helping you. You have made the God anger. When God has fulfilled your wish and you have not completed the Puja. You will see snakes in dream. But when you see a dead snake in dream means now its too late to fulfill pending worship. Now God will make you in trouble. 

Dead Snake Dream Biblical Meaning

If you have seen a dead snake in your dream, this dream has positive symbolism. It means that Jesus has planned many good things in front of you. They will come to you without any obstacle. All worries and past problems will be vanished and you will be on top of the world.

Dead Snake Dream in Islam

Al mighty Allah, has mentioned that when you go to hell (Narak), venomous snakes will be biting you and you will be fried in hot oil. When you see dead Snake in dream means your sins are forgiven by Almighty Allah. You will not go to hell. At the same time you have to think of not committing more sins in life. So there is a indication from Almighty Allah that you should not commit anymore sins.

Eating Dead Snake in Dream

Dream books give several interpretations of the plot: a victory over enemies, the acquisition of energy, success in the realization of plans. But at the same time, this image in a dream promises indisposition, disappointment, and difficult achievement of a goal.

Eating a snake in a dream is a symbol that cannot be interpreted unambiguously, it has several meanings that differ from each other. This is the personification of wisdom, but at the same time - insidious enemies.

Dead White Snake in Dream

White is simplicity, white is peace. White snakes symbolizes simplicity and peace in your life. When you see a white snake dead in dream, it means your simplicity and peace has been dead from your life. Your lifestyle is going to become so complicated that you are now stuck in your own life. Its high time to think how to make your life simple and peaceful.

Dream of dying snake meaning

When a snake is dying it means, snake is in too much pain. If you see a snake dying in dream means your dreams are dying and you are in immense pain. You are dependent on someone and you are hoping that someone will come and help you coming out of this situation. 

Conclusion: A dream about dead snake is sometime good or sometime bad,it totally depend upon your current situation and your beliefs and religion. So if you have got your solution with this post. Please comment out and let me know about it. Commenting is always a great idea to connect each other. 


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  1. I have had a recurring dream of a dead snake in my car in a bag. I have also been facing many issues with my past traumas and choices. Prayerfully, this means these times are over, and I will not have them any longer affecting my life today!

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