Gemstone Remedies according to palmistry

 Jyotish Astrology Gemstone Meaning

In Jyotish/Astrology or Palmistry you must have seen thousands of palmist describing different different tips and posts, videos about palmistry issues. They will explain you about lines and their good and bad effects on your life. But you might have noticed, no one tells the remedies exactly. Knowing the problem is fine,but if we know cure also, then our problem will be solved. So I am going to tell you which Gem Stone you can wear to negate the negative impact of bad mounts. Remedies for planets in bad positions. 

  Table of Contents
  • Remedies for Jupiter Mount
  • Remedies for Saturn Mount 
  • Remedies for Sun Mount
  • Remedies for Mercury Mount 
  • Remedies for Moon Mount
  • Remedies for Venus Mount
  • Remedies for Mars Mount
  • Remedies for Rahu Mount
  • Remedies for Ketu Mount

Planet Meaning Sun

Ruby – Sun: Remedies for bad sun

Wear rubies to harness the vitality of the sun.  These lusciously bright gems will enhance status, power, rank and passion in your social life.  The sun and ruby are symbols of wealth, health, honor and love.  Wear rubies for good luck and to attract warmth, compassion and positive energy.

Action Vibrance Vitality

Pearl – Moon: Remedies for bad Moon

Wear pearls to harness the intuitive energies of the moon.  The soft luster of pearls will trigger the dreamy waves of your imagination and will spark intuitive insights.  Pearls work with moon energy to enhance intellect, perception, interpretation (psychic) skills and dreaming.  Pearls will also encourage feminine aspects like nurturing and motherhood.

Emerald – Mercury: Remedies for bad Mercury

Wear emeralds to help retain memory, and keep your intellect honed when it counts.  This stone is the perfect accessory when you are studying or undergoing any academic/scholastic endeavor because it promotes mental clarity and boosts aptitude.  Emerald also partners with Mercury to enable easy communication and helps express yourself clearly.

Red Coral – Mars: Remedies for bad Mars

Wear bright red coral when you need to banish stuffy energy that is no longer serving you.  Red coral partners with assertive Mars to ward off tribulations and worry.  These two also promote success in the realms of finance, career, social climbing, and teamwork.  Red coral will also help protect the wearer from natural disasters.

Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter: Remedies for bad Jupiter

Wear yellow sapphire to honor the expansive nature of Jupiter.  That means if you are looking to increase your status, take advantage of this planetary gemstone.  Jupiter and yellow sapphire partner together to promote growth in fame, fortune, reputation and also land ownership.  This will be a particularly good gem to wear if you are looking to succeed in acquisitions such as real estate or stocks.

Diamond – Venus: Remedies for bad Venus

Wear diamonds to enhance your sensuality and your sense of luxury.  There’s nothing better than seeing the sparkle of a diamond to boost your energy and position yourself in the seat of opulence.  Diamonds partner perfectly with Venus energy to bring success in love, fortune and long life.

Blue Sapphire – Saturn: Remedies for bad Saturn

Wear blue sapphire when you require a sense of security and belonging in your life.  Blue sapphire and Saturn energy marry together to bring about satisfaction in the home as well as the office.  Blue sapphire has organizing energy that allows events to flow synchronistic ally for the wearer of this gemstone.  It’s also an extremely protective stone and will guard against misfortune.

Cinnabar – Rahu: Remedies for bad Rahu

Rahu is considered one of two “shadow planets” in Jyotish and is known as the north node of the moon.  It partners with cinnabar to bring about victory over adverse conditions.  Cinnabar with Rahu energy will grant triumph over oppression.  It also helps with professional development and enhances mental clarity.

Ketu – Tigers Eye: Remedies for bad Ketu

Ketu is the other “shadow planet” in Jyotish and is known as the south node of the moon.  It partners with tigers eye gemstone to promote psychic vision.  Wear tigers eye when you need to know hidden information about events.  Tigers eye with Ketu energy will also offer a calming effect an protects from interruptions and invasions of personal/private space.

I hope you have enjoyed these gemstone properties according to ancient Hindu Jyotish astrology.

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