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What is the meaning of dream you have watched today. Does it something related to your life , past or future life ? If you are wondering about the dream you have seen, then you are at right place. We will discuss the meaning of dream. What is dream interpretation. What are the Islamic interpretation of Dreams ? How we interpret dreams as per the holly Bible. We will first look on the definition of dream interpretation.

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  • What is the Islamic meaning of dreams
  • What is the Biblical meaning of dreams 
  • Why do we dream ?
  • What your dreams are telling you?
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What is dream interpretation

What is the Islamic Meaning of Dreams

All Mighty Allah, gives you every indication in your life, Whether you do good or bad, every action is being monitored by the all mighty. He gives you indication in form of dreams. If you see a snake is dead in dreams means your enemy is dead. You have done a good job and you will be rewarded. 

If you are worried of something Allah will give you some indication in form of dream. If you are doing anything bad, then Allah will show you such dreams which will be a warning for you, not to follow the bad path. On the day of Qayamat, you will have to face All Mighty. So do all good Every time.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Dreams

 Jesus is always very kind to us. Whatever we experience in life, we see them in form of dream. Certainly the bible is filled with dreams and dream interpreters. It is the most frequent way that God communicates directly with his people. Some dreams mentioned in the bible are meaningful just to the person who dreams them and others are meaningful for an entire group, such as the Israelites.

Dreams are plentiful and not all dreams are messages from God… sort of like all prayer is “talking” but not all talking is talking to God. Similarly, God communicates to us in dreams, but not all dreams are communications from God.

Here are three basic kinds of dreams.

Gibberish dreams are just a mish mash of thoughts and experiences and imagination. These dreams are usually forgotten quickly and mostly are meaningless (in the same way that most daily experiences in waking life are unimportant and meaningless).

Weird dreams, are relatively common and are driven by a God given need to communicate with others about our relationships. Almost all of these "weird dreams" are expressions of hidden relationship problems, especially those that we are ashamed of. As an example. A man tells me (his dream interpreter) that “a giant chicken was chasing me around the house.” Me “what does chicken mean to you?” Him “nothing at all, my wife makes great fried chicken, but whenever I try to eat some she slaps my hand away, ha ha”. Me “your dream means that you are henpecked by your wife and are ashamed of it. You can now simply admit it to yourself or tell your wife you will no longer put up with it”.

Prophetic dreams, are dreams where God speaks to us. These dreams are rare and intense and seldom need interpretation, such as Jesus Stepfather Joseph’s dream to flee from Bethleham. These dreams can be meaningful to a large group (MLK’s I have a dream), or be specific to one person’s life.

Interestingly, very few modern Christians accept or believe in dreams as a Godly communication, even though the bible is filled with examples of it and even though we all dream. This is a mistake of church teaching and church leadership.

Why do we dream

Dreams are patterns of sensory information that occur when the brain is in a resting state – as in asleep. It is generally assumed that dreams only occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep – this is when the brain appears to be in an active state but the individual is asleep and in a state of paralysis. 

What your dreams are telling to you 

There are many meanings of this, I will quote one example here. Al mighty Allah, has mentioned that when you go to hell (Narak), venomous snakes will be biting you and you will be fried in hot oil. When you see dead Snake in dream means your sins are forgiven by Almighty Allah. You will not go to hell. At the same time you have to think of not committing more sins in life. So there is a indication from Almighty Allah that you should not commit anymore sins.

Best Dream dictionary

Dream books give several interpretations of the plot: a victory over enemies, the acquisition of energy, success in the realization of plans. But at the same time, this image in a dream promises indisposition, disappointment, and difficult achievement of a goal.

Eating a snake in a dream is a symbol that cannot be interpreted unambiguously, it has several meanings that differ from each other. This is the personification of wisdom, but at the same time - insidious enemies.

Conclusion: "In a nutshell," Loewenberg says, "dreams are a conversation with the self about the self, but on a much deeper, subconscious level."

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