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Dreams are subjective and abstract results of the unconscious mind which is influenced by the genetic memory imprint of our ancestors with its existence in the imaginary constructions of the mind where there is the opportunity for parallel thought and multi dimensional simulation capabilities. 

When attempting to interact with and communicate with us, the main conscious selves with a restrictive foundation of conceptualization of thought within the bounds of observable reality, important wisdom is often lost in translation and by way of expression.

Is dream interpretation a real thing - Gyan Ka Sagar Dream Interpretation


However, it is beneficial and otherwise healthy to develop a symbiotic relationship with this second personality, teaching it our ways of written and verbal communication within dreams, so we can exchange meaningful information and insight to further our lives, the importance of which must also be made clear to them. 

The interpretation of dreams only enhances us, by helping us unravel the concerns and frustrations or joys and hopes of an inner self that thrives off the shadows and reflections of our scattered memories, trying to make sense of a life that can only be hinted at and never directly experienced.

If it will help I can tell you where the meaning/interpretation of a dream symbol is derived from. Many, if not most people, would assume dream symbols can be interpreted to mean anything the interpreter wants them to mean, thus rendering dream interpretation nothing more than a con game played by smooth talkers on the gullible. I am here to tell you that the meaning of a symbol is derived from our experiences (associations) with those images, an on three levels.

  1. is our personal level of experience with something.
  2. Is our cultural association with something, and
  3. Is the collective human experience of something.

Interpretation helps me look deeper at myself. By interpreting someone else’s dream I get to use the information I have built up to evaluate that person’s dream as if it were my own. The dream is then interpreted in my language of how I see my dreams. This interpretation is then and can be used to trigger the dreamers own analysis of the dream. IN the end only the dreamer knows the key to understanding their own dream. The interpreter only gives possibilities based on their own personal experience with dreams.

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When you look at a person’s interpretation you can sometimes see what they are working on within themselves since the only way to interpret is to show you the dream vocabulary they have that they use for themselves.

If you wish to interpret you own dreams and the inner part of who you are then all you need to do is ask yourself why you dream what you dream. Why do you use certain types of symbols? Writing down the dreams in the beginning also allows you to go back and look for repeatable occurrences. How do you represent certain people and emotions?

The best people to read on dreams and symbolism is Freud and Jung. Both of these people did extensive work with dreams, some of their ideas are extremely advanced but yet easy to understand. With both some of the concepts are also subjective to each and may be debatable, but both are good reads to start a knowledge base on dreams.

What is the Islamic Meaning of Dreams

All Mighty Allah, gives you every indication in your life, Whether you do good or bad, every action is being monitored by the all mighty. He gives you indication in form of dreams. If you see a snake is dead in dreams means your enemy is dead. You have done a good job and you will be rewarded. 

If you are worried of something Allah will give you some indication in form of dream. If you are doing anything bad, then Allah will show you such dreams which will be a warning for you, not to follow the bad path. On the day of Qayamat, you will have to face All Mighty. So do all good Every time.


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