10 Signs of healthy Relationship with your partner

We will talk about 10 signs you can notice in your relationship which will tell you about your relationship health. 
How healthy is your relationship. How to improve relationship with your partner. How to fix issues between you and your relationship. If you are dating someone from long time you should know signs of a healthy relationship when dating

We can know about early signs of a good relationship also by referring this article. If you are still worried that you may not know your partner correctly then you can take up healthy relationships quiz. 

What is a good relationship supposed to be like now a days.

10 Signs you have healthy relationship with your partner

Do you know what makes a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on:
  • Mutual respect for each other
  • Trust building in relationship
  • Honesty and transparency 
  • Support for each other
  • Fairness/equality to each other
  • Give space for Separate identities 
  • Good communication to avoid issue
  • A sense of playfulness/fondness is always a key
All of the above points are very important to carry a healthy relationship. As we know in every relationship, there will be some healthy things and unhealthy things. So if you are able to find happiness and have tolerance on unhealthy things, you will be excelling in your relationship.

Top signs of a healthy relationship?

  • You respect self esteem and take care of your personal space
  • When you maintain and respect each other’s individuality
  • When you maintain relationships with friends and family
  • When you have activities apart from one another
  • When you are able to express yourselves to one another without fear of consequences. No need of pretending.
  • When you feel secure and comfortable
  • When you trust each other and be honest with each other
  • When you don't need to think of privacy violation
  • When you have respect for sexual boundaries
  • When you are honest about sexual activity if it is a sexual relationship

What are the signs of an unhealthy relationship?

  • When you put one person before the other by neglecting yourself or your partner
  • When you feel pressure to change who you are for the other person
  • When you feel worried when you disagree with the other person
  • When you feel pressure to quit activities you usually/used to enjoy
  • When you pressurize the other person into agreeing with you or changing to suit you better
  • When one partner feels obligated to have sex or has been forced
  • When you have a lack of privacy, and may be forced to share everything with the other person
  • When you or your partner refuse to use safer sex methods
  • When you experience yelling or physical violence during an argument
  • When you or your partner attempt to control or manipulate each other
  • Do not make time to spend with one another
Above points shows a warning that your relationship is heading towards bad phase and you or your partner must take lead and discuss all negatives. You know what happens in long run, these small things accumulate and becomes huge problem. When this problem breakouts, relationship go towards ugly end. So next question is when should you seek a professional help in this matter ?

When should I seek professional help for my relationship?

If your partner tries to harm you by any means, it can be physical, mental or sexual. You should definitely end your relationship. You should go to a professional who can guide you through legal process. If you still stays in the relationship means you are the one who is responsible for your condition.
Other circumstances include:
  • When you are unhappy and not able to decide what to do next then you can contact relationship advisor.
  • When you have decided to leave a relationship, but find yourself still in the relationship then you can contact relationship advisor.
  • When you think you are staying in the relationship for the wrong reasons, such as fear of being alone or guilt then you can contact relationship advisor.
  • If you have a history of staying in unhealthy relationships then you can contact relationship advisor.


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