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We all see dreams, if someone not see it daily then he might have seen some day. Many of us have seen snakes in dream. Last night I also have seen a dream of snake. Dream of a venomous snake. We get afraid in dream but in real life we wonder, why I have seen such a dream? As per science, whatever we think all the time, we see that in dream in some other form. But Yesterday I did not thought of any snake, yet I saw a venomous snake dream. Now I am also worried. I know you also would have seen such dream and curious to know the meaning of seeing a Snake in Dream. Let me explain its meaning.

Islamic meaning of Venomous snake dream and biblical meaning of snake dream.
Dream Interpretation

What is the meaning of seeing a Venomous Snake in dream at night ?

Yes, Seeing a dream at night and at early morning have different meaning. This is so because your sleep is very deep during night in comparison to sleep at early morning. Morning dreams become true.

When you see a venomous snake dream at night, it means you had some issue with some friend or family member and now that venom from your inside has vanished. If you wanted to see something bad happening with someone, now that feeling will go. You will be pure from inside. 

If you see same dream at early morning, means you are not fully awake nor fully in sleep mode. So, this dream came in subconscious mind. It represents your fear for something. Your circle is not good, that is increasing toxins in you. Someone has became your enemy and he wants to take revenge anyhow. Its a kind of warning for you.

Islamic Dream Dictionary: Islamic Meaning of Venomous Snake in Dream

Snakes are not good in Islam. Venomous snakes are the way (Zaria) of punishing. Allah punishes you for your bad works. If you see a venomous snake in dream, it means Allah is watching your activities and he is giving you a warning by showing you a venomous snake dream. When you will go to Hell, you would be bitten by Venomous Snake again and again. It shows how much hate is there inside you. Don't hate mankind or anyone Be kind otherwise the All Mighty Allah will punish you.

Biblical Dream Dictionary: Biblical Meaning of Venomous Snake in Dream

Jesus says, don't hate anyone, be kind to all. Dream of a Venomous Snake shows how much hate is there in the world for each other. There can be two meaning of it. If you have hate for someone, then you are that Venomous Snake, who is going to harm someone very soon.
If you have done something wrong with someone, then that person is the one who is being represented by Venomous Snake in dream. Conclusion is do not harm anyone, do not hate anyone. Karma returns everything back. Jesus is giving you warning about it. 

You can go to father and make confessions if you have done anything bad. This will make you happy and safe from such a Venomous thing.

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