Hearing death news in dream meaning - Gyan Ka Sagar

All dreams are from the dreamer, which means that the information is from the dreamer, the memories are the dreamers, the symbolism is the dreamers. Anyone you see in a dream is a representation of that person but not that person, a representation based on your memories thus it is you.

Hearing death news in dream meaning - Gyan Ka Sagar

If it is a person you know, then how they die can be important. It can be the fear of them dying or the idea that you liked the fact they died. It then becomes worst case scenario or best case. But how can we want someone to die? Subconscious feeling towards people we don’t like surface in dreams, sometimes to the extreme. The fear of the person dying is preparation for the possibility of the death. Preparing the emotions for the tragedy.

Now what if it’s someone you have never seen? That person then can represent an aspect of yourself, a characteristic in self, that you don’t quite like. You are trying to destroy that aspect, the reality is that it is part of you and can not be destroyed, only understood. Explaining why some people may have reoccurring dreams continually seeing this person die.

Dreams are doorways into self. I seen someone write about Freud, I also would suggest Carl Jung in trying to understand how the mind works within dreams.

Truth is that we can suggest ideas to you. But the true interpretation is based on what you know and your memories and your experience. We answer to give you possibilities in how to look at your dream. Details are very important, your life experience, and what might have triggered the dream in your present everyday life. Stressors and feeling toward that person. Then you can get an accurate interpretation. Any dream can be interpreted in multiple ways, they are a puzzle with multiple meanings. One of the reasons I enjoy working on them.


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