Why do I dream about my boyfriend's ex girlfriend

Dreams come to be dramatic thing sometimes. I have experienced the same things which I see in dreams in my real life. Its simply like I have fast forwarded my life in my dreams.

dream about my boyfriend's ex girlfriend

In my country, what you have in mind becomes a dream.

For example: I have the fact that my boyfriend would marry somebody else, so I see the dream made up as a story. With some pretty girls face, me crying and so on… I have even waken up in the middle of the night.

Since you are a bisexual female you must be more into females than males MFF maybe. You’ve built up a fantasy. But if you want to continue your relationship with the current male you should give up that thought.

To overcome the situation:

01. Hit the gym atleast four days per week.

02. Don’t spy on the so said ex girlfriends photos.

03. Don’t watch too much threesome videos ;).

04. Do a 30 minute meditation.

05. Try yoga classes.

06. Have more sex with your boyfriend.

07. Think less about the ongoing dreams.

08. Don’t share the dreams with your bf he’ll get amused to be back with his ex.

I hope these might help.

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I would also like to share some dream info:

  • If you see a priest,a tooth being fallen,a dead corpse in your dreams then theres a funeral
  • If you see mud water its good.
  • If you see horses it brings wealth.
  • If you see the sea you’ll get a chance to go overseas.
  • If you see elephants in a rude way it says you owe something to god.

These are just sayings in my country. I don’t say they are hundred percent accurate but I’ve experienced some facts to be true.

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