Having Needs in a Relationship Does Not Make You ‘Needy’

This is a bit tough question, it will depend on individual's relationship and thinking. People come together because of some needs. It can be of emotional needs, social needs or physical needs. you can classify it is a support. When you start spending times with you loved one, then you become used to of some habits. Sometime that habit becomes addiction and then you do not realize if other person is comfortable or not. Then you become needy in your relationship.

Having Needs in a Relationship Does Not Make You ‘Needy’

How does being needy affect your relationship?

Being needy has its ups and downs. Having the occasional bout of need can remind your partner how special they are to you and make your relationship stronger. But unhealthy need can result in jealousy and stress. It can also make your partner feel smothered and cause you to feel like you don’t know who you are anymore.

Should 'needy' be a negative thing?

Even if you feel totally at ease with your partner, there's such a stigma around coming across as "needy" (especially for women) that it can make you anxious to voice any concerns you have or dissatisfaction you feel in your relationship. However, everyone has romantic needs — so why should "neediness" be a negative thing?

When do you become needy in a relationship?

When you start being needy in a relationship, it is only a matter of time before your partner starts to pull away. And the moment you see your partner withdrawing or losing interest in the relationship, you become even more needy and attention-seeking

Are You too needy in your relationship?

This is definitely a sign that you are too needy in your relationship. You need to start working on yourself and focus on your needs as an individual, not in a couple. Being needy is not something you can get over in a single day. It is deep-rooted behavior and like any bad habit, it will take hard work, time, and determination to fix.

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