Dream Of Snake Biting Someone Else

Dream Of Snake Biting Someone Else
Dream Of Snake Biting Someone Else

are very mysterious and it could give different results to different people. Its all about human psychology. It purely depend on your current situations in life. Let us discuss why we have seen such dream where snake has bitten someone else.

If you are seeing someone in dreams, it means that person is important in your life. May be indirectly that person is important to you but somehow he or she is aligned to you. 

Now snake could be represented as good or bad both. 

What if Snake is Venomous ?

If snake bites and person is going to be dead, then if that person was not your enemy, then it means you were ignoring that person from long time and now this dream is there to tell you, that do not ignore the person, he or she could be very useful for you or that person is in trouble and needs your help. 

If that person was your one of the enemy, then it is a indication that your enemy is now weak and not going to harm you. He or she is already in trouble and not willing to harm you. 

What if Snake is Venomous


What if Snake is Non - Venomous ?

If snake bites and person is not going to die. Means snake was not venomous. It represents that the person will not have any harm, even you are ignoring the person in your life. Also if that person is your enemy, it means your strategy is not going to work, even any person is trying to help you against the enemy, nothing will work. You need to save yourself by your own.

Although this type of dreams are very rare, but people are still experiencing it. I believe you have understood it now. You can read other dreams also below. You might would have went through sometime in past.

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