How Simian Line indicates Suicide in Palmistry

How Suicide indications are explained in Palmistry

Hello everyone, this post is for those who wants to know about palmistry. Also who do believe in Palmistry. I am Palmist Ritesh and I am going to explain you all the indications related to Suicide in palmistry. Recently we got a news about Bollywood Celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide. As a normal fan i felt very bad, but as a palmist my curiosity told me to check his hand. Are there any indication for suicidal tendency in his hand ? So, I checked his hand and that day I made a video on it on my YouTube Channel also.

So what are the points you need to see in a hand to decide whether that guy will commit suicide or will think of doing suicide.

1. Simian Line

Simian line forms when Heart Line and Head Line merges into one single line across the palm horizontally. In Palmistry you can treat it as, absence of heart line or absence of head line. So we have two condition here to consider.
simian line in palmistry reading

A. If we are considering that as Heart Line

Means heart line is very long and deep down the palm. Heart Line represents your love matters, family matters, personal life emotions, relationships. If this line is very long that means you will do everything till the extreme in your relationships, personal life, family matters.  In case if such person gets heart break, he may go into Trauma, he may suffers deep depression. Exactly the same happened with the Bollywood Celebrity.

B. If we consider that as Head Line

It shows person is independent in thinking and don't need support from anyone. He tries to handle everything on its own. In academics, he/she will be very good reader, they will always try to go in depth of every topic.

Apart from Simian Line, Mount like Saturn is also responsible for depression. When Saturn mount is down then you will have this type of feelings. You will get many reasons to be sad. You will feel yourself useless and think of committing suicide.

Rahu Lines, Lines originating from lower Mars and cutting Life Line. They are also a culprit in your life, which gives mental issues, worries, quarrel, money loss.

So above all factors are responsible in palmistry for giving you feeling of suicide. For more palmistry tips and Dreams explanation, subscribe or bookmark this website.

Thanks for reading ! 

Hindi Video on Suicide Line in Palmistry

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